Burn Family

Set up in loving memory of Jane Burn

Come and meet the three bears.

With an underlying motto of “More than the extra mile”, the Three Bears Foundation received its name from the Burn family, also affectionately known as “The Three Bears”. Since Jane tragically passed away from pancreatic cancer, countless others have joined Mark and Chris in resolute determination to rid the world of this pernicious disease. Generating public awareness and providing finances, the Three Bears mission is to overcome and stamp out one of the most under-diagnosed and least understood of cancers forever. 

Set up in loving memory of Jane Burn

We are network of passionate and dedicated volunteers.

The face of Three Bears is comprised of many dedicated and enthusiastic individuals. From families, friendship teams, businesses and local communities – there’s a place for everybody. Why not come and join us? Be part of an amazing legacy that will impact hundreds of lives with hope.

Three Bears

Together we help provide help and support.

You are not alone. We have started to build a Specialist Support Team. Explore our local supporters listed below to find out what they are offering as support. 

I am Shona Ann Hill – I am a Mentor of True Spirit . I am the Founder of Conscious Living Global, with my co-founder Mark Burn. I have also appeared  as a speaker at the “Global Rising Summit”, and am looking forward to hosting my own summits and being part of others to raise awareness in the world around all things going forward. I am also the #1 Bestselling Author of ‘Be Yourself With Confidence’, and am in the process of developing my own publishing service to assist in humanities awareness going forward.

Combining the above with Holistic Treatments I assist people to Transform their lives both physically, mentally and spiritually. I am currently based in Strensall, near York, UK, but am a citizen of the world and help people all over the world in person and online. So wherever you are I can assist you to transform your life in the way that you want that to be in your world.

I offer you holistic, dietary, cosmetic treatments as well as teaching, coaching and mentoring in a bespoke way to take you to the life that you wish for you in any given moment or circumstance.

Rooted in a family but impacting communities.