Our mission is to stop pancreatic cancer altogether.

We know that some things in life are not easy. But that does not make them impossible, and we are determined to raise public awareness and funds to further medical research and support the families that have been affected. You are not alone. And our vision is for much faster and more accurate medical diagnosis – and eventually the prevention, effective treatment and cure of this disease.

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We've raised over £111K but there's so much more to do.

Please help us fight this disease. Help us to raise public awareness and funds – sign up to our community and follow us on Facebook, join in our events or fund-raise with us, gift others and promote our cause with merchandise, become a corporate partner or just get in touch. For more information on pancreatic cancer and support, have a look at the Pancreatic Cancer UK website.

The warning signs of pancreatic cancer.

Warning signs of Pancreatic Cancer