Yorkshire Business Review

Three Bears Foundation in the Yorkshire Business Review – January 2024

In January 2024 we were included within the Yorkshire Business review twice to talk about why we set up the foundation and share coverage of the Three Bears Ball in November 2023.

Just one more thing…

In this fast paced world of business it’s sometimes hard to stop, take stock and enjoy the moment with loved ones. It’s easy to loose sight of what we have right here, right now and instead remain fixed on what the future might bring us.

This was the tough reality I faced, when in 2017 my wife was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Just 12 weeks later we were saying our final goodbyes and trying to imagine a life without Jane. Our plans of travels and precious family time during retirement vanished overnight.

Despite it being a common cancer with the lowest survival rate, there is currently no test or known cure for pancreatic cancer. Half of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer die within 3 months and only 2% of the annual cancer research budget goes to improving these statistics.  

The Three Bears Foundation was set up to help raise and maintain awareness of pancreatic cancer on a local level and help fight to find an effective treatment to give others a higher chance of survival. To date, the charity has raised over £150,000 and has worked closely with local trusts to ensure the money can be spent locally to support families. In 2023 we helped fund the refurbishment of the family room at the Leveson Centre located at York Community Stadium, a space dedicated to cancer patients and their friends and family across North and East Yorkshire.

In 2024 we are very excited to be sponsoring a 3 year research project with Professor Tom Hughes at the York St John Medical Research Centre. The ‘Baby Bear’ project, costing £20,000 a year, will be looking at how therapeutic combinations could be used to improve chemotherapy responses and therefore improve survival of pancreatic cancer.

We are asking local businesses, individuals and groups to ‘Choose a challenge’ in 2024 to help raise much needed funds for the ‘Baby Bear’ project. If you are interested in lending a paw, why not drop us a line to see how you and your business can help us find a cure for pancreatic cancer!

By Mark Burn, Trustee of Three Bears Foundation