Three Bears 10 pin bowling pyramid challenge

Three Bears 10 pin bowling pyramid challenge

Cost: £25 per person

Time: 6:30 pm

Date: 16/05/2024

Venue: The Hollywood Bowl


Come and join us on Thursday 16th May for the Three Bears 10 pin bowling pyramid challenge to help raise much need funds in the fight against pancreatic cancer!

Everyone and all abilities welcome – bring friends, family, colleagues! You don’t need to be a bowling pro to win this challenge 😉

How the format works

Working in teams of two, you each take turns playing 1 frame at a time, alternating on each go.

The aim, is to be the team that destroys the pyramid as quick as possible by successfully eliminating all blocks.

In the below example, if on your first ball, you score a 5. You have a decision to make:
– If you wish to ‘bank’ the 5 and destroy that pin from your sheet, then you would proceed to throw your second down the gutter so that the total frame score after 2 rolls is a 5 | -, you would then cross off a 5.
– If you wish to go for more pins and you roll your second ball and you then get 4 more pins. Your score would read 5 | 4, totalling 9 and you would then cross off a 9.
In the event no one successfully completes the pyramid, the team with the fewest boxes remaining will win!

In the event that two or more teams have the same number of boxes remaining, the team with the lowest score when added together will be the winner.

Our team will be on hand to help you with any questions throughout the game!

Additional resources

Please do feel free to share, download and print our resources and invite others along. Let’s beat Pancreatic Cancer together!